MUBS participated in the 1st International Curriculum Development Conference organized by NCDC of Uganda as a landmark to celebrate 50 years of existence of the centre. To deliberate on issues aimed at improving our education systems. The theme of conference “Reconceptualizing Curriculum in the 21st Century for Socio-economic Transformation”. The 21st century is characterized by many challenges and through education some of them may be tackled. However, we all know that the heart of education is the curriculum and as such the needs, goals, values, culture and expectations of a given society will be met with a good and well implemented curriculum. Uganda like many of the other African countries, is a signatory to a number of international declarations. Among these is the 2030 SDGs, the east African community vision 2050, the African union agenda 2063 which emphasizes access to quality education, education for all and skills development. In the case of Uganda implementation of these has been done through the Uganda vision 2040 which emphasizes human capital development as one of its key programmes highlighted in the National Development Plan III as a fundamental investment that will bridge the existing gaps. The team from MUBS was headed by Maureen Tweyongyere Director career and Skills Development Centre and Dr. Ahmad walugembe Deputy Director career and Skills Development Centre